Ghosts of the past

This early morning in bed , i was dreaming / reminiscing about my primary school days at tarapore montessori school .. a blissfully quiet place for a school to be located in middle of chaotic area, ..looks like a palace from outside …
I snuggled and comforted myself with pleasantness…
it appeared like door to Narnia opened … thoughts came flashing across my mind laser sharp like it was yday … as I got into the school , passing the huge hallway with palace like windows in white , 20 feet high , iam hearing the sound of the footstep someone walking up this long and wide wooden steps at the end of the hallway which went to the 3 rd and 4 th standard sections of the school.
I walk further to a never ending lunch hall , with red color low tables kept together in line , i walked , picked up my mat and tiffin box to sit for lunch … the breeze of the hallways , the calmness of the classes ,where the only sound I could hear now was the sound of the abacus
… huge almond tree, whose fruit we would eat every week .. the see saw next to it, playing on it never made us realise we were waiting for our pick up ..
… , the voices of the assembly … singing vande materam , kept buzzing in my ears
.. mrs raj s blissful demeanour , calm , soft spoken and loving outlook with children .. teachers like angels frm the sky … seems unreal now ..
Laughter with my best friend radhika, walking hand in hand .. waiting for her near the gate for her come..
The innocence of that love still gives fragnance to the heart.
All the memories
I Carry it in my heart

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