Great things never come from comfort zones

I am wondering early in morning , can opting the toughest road , lead one to the top ?
I started my journey with Inhabit in 2005 with a vision in mind and blind focus on creating from scratch. Whenever i would communicate my idea to people, it was seldom recieved well. Anyhow I struggled to take it forward. Finding skilled craftsmen for woodworking was very challenging as iam a sucker to detail , quality and fine craftsmen ship. I laid my hands on all kinds of wood and finally stopped looking beyond after experiencing work with reclaimed teakwood. I wanted my material to be eco freindly, sustainable and not to mention the grains on wood almost grew on me. I would look around me and mostly people in this industry was very importing or trading in furniture. I surely knew iam opting for a very tough journey ahead. Its been 13 years now and i still feel the same . Everyday is a challenge when you produce something from scratch..

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