Real relationships

Relationships have so many theories , nothing seems to be right question or the right answer . Its so complicated in every possible way , but imagine life without it ? We would be worse than robots . Jus for a second , think life without relationships , its nothing at all .. Jus imagine a human form born to earth and jus dissolves one day on its own, without experiencing any relationships at all ..
so life is about it and we tend to complicate it . Human forms connect to any other human form is the connect itself . Why give name to it ? We categorise them in so many compartments , mother , sister , brother , husband , wife etc it all stems from what we know as born to human body. What if we were born to earth ? What would it be like ..We experience real relationships and we define them by the very nature of it and so on so forth . Is the same as born to a human body ? Would it make huge difference or not ? Iam unable to imagine .
I feel we would be humane then …

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