Interior Design by Neeta Kumar


Trends are seasonal creatures, but works of artistry and craftsmanship never lose their relevance to time and place. The quest to blend a contemporary feel with ageless aesthetics underlines all of Neeta Kumar’s bespoke pieces and signature collections. The same urge drives the constant innovation at Inhabit, leading to experimentation with a vast variety of looks, materials, components, and purposes. NK’s work embodies thoughtful design that matches comfort with an easy grace – ensuring every individual piece, whether part of a collection or standalone, can adapt to an existing layout or become the heart of a completely new one.

Modern Mediterranean

"Homes are powerful. they are the blueprint of our lives. I believe if you understand the space only then can you create a well designed home."

The space highlights the successful marriage of modern classic interior design and a highly individual choice of furniture." Good design has been employed to maximise the scale of each room. Of many great details to be found here, the stairway corridor is one of our favourite design features. Fitted with industrial design lighting, it has a beautiful view of the garden. Soft colours, clean lines and modern pieces define the sophisttated and soothing master bedroom space.

Classic Luxury

Elegance with a hint of luxury.

The design aesthetic is unabashedly maximalist - more is always more. The richness of experience, pleasure and beauty is the mission. The design philosophy embodies and exuded that sensibility. Its a mix of the classic and the futuristic, the homegrown and the international, creating a rich look. Innovation has always been my muse. I like to venture out of my league and experiment with design and pattern. Everything designed is intended not to match perfectly but to sit together in harmony.

Couture Interiors

A very dear friends pad , is what I wanna cal it .. space required a complete redo to make it feel 'you own it and wana dwell in it' .. ..

A luxurious yet a comfortable space, adding character while making it feel cosy and homey. Just like people’s attitudes, shapes can also determine character traits - A herringbone patterned floor extending to the couch design, highlighter tiles to add the oomph factor, beasty bee personalised fabric and wallpaper, gold tinted lighting fixtures, bespoke furniture designs, deep yellow mustard colour - warm yet is evoking a immediate sense of indulgence and affluence.

The fun part of doing up a space is that you can mix things up and create your own trends and your own styles.

Bespoke furniture is designed from series called 'let it bee' created to raise the awareness of their plight. Through design , paying tribute to bees and beauty of their hives.

My vision is mindful of sustainability, ergonomics and the character and turn these source of a design concept resulting in form, function, color and texture...

Everything designed is not to match perfectly but to sit together in harmony.

Shabby Chic

Bringing one of the best-loved and most resilient trends in international interior décor to India, the Shabby Chic bespoke collection introduced the nation to the wonders and versatility of this dreamy yet dynamic style This line included several iconic pieces such as the elegant Louis XVI chairs with their crisp, well-polished lines set off by luxurious, muted upholstery that embodied laidback glamour, and the salvaged wooden frames in the neo-Classical style, lending a provocative accent to any room with their relaxed pastel tones of teal, soft duck-egg blue and taupe.


Vivanta, meaning ‘aliveness’, is a signature line of furniture that emphasises peerless quality, individual tastes, and vivacious design. The use of top-notch fabrics and hard materials is complemented by a sublime blend of styles for a look that is thoroughly elite. Developed from bespoke pieces for private collectors as well a larger vision, Vivanta is the ultimate mastery of expression for the modern, individualistic home-owner who craves the refinement of the classics in confluence with the exuberance of contemporary art. You too can bring the grandeur home by commissioning standalone pieces or full sets that complement your existing settings.


In this brand new line, the exciting and unusual use of fabric makes every piece a showstopper. Satrangi is inspired by vibrant Ralli textiles and their intricate use of seven traditional colours.

This collection is the definition of contemporary Indian or ethnic chic. Complex designs in a riot of colours, preserved and reproduced through memory by the mothers and daughters of Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujrat, the textiles evoke the sheer joy of living. The profusion of bright and bold shades, artfully rendered through patchwork, applique and embroidery work, delight and refresh the senses.

Contemporary, practical furniture acquires enviable personality through the Ralli textile upholstering. Coming home to Satrangi is like returning to the vitality of your Indian roots, and the welcoming embrace of the homeland. Bespoke pieces can now be commissioned.

Deconstructed Collection

A distressed reclaimed teak wood frame, accented with nailheads, is complemented by the texture of burlap with fabric. This is furniture for the ages.

Inhabit launches 'go nude' spring style designs. We at Inhabit, promise transparency, that's our concept of deconstructed designs.


Known for its great beauty, personality and presence. She has dazzling looks and influential personality. The essence of series lie in beauty of its raw wood curves, bespoke fabric like qila - a mix of modern herringbone in pastel colors, lattice vine -most popular greek chain pattern, nishit bagh - a floral heritage patterns inspired by gardens of mughal era. The detailing of shoe nails, the rope buttons and the throw cushions pleating is done to Nth. the collection feels warm with very soothing colors like the beginning of spring.


Charpaai series is developed from the styles of earlier Muslim dynasties in India as an amalgam of Islamic, Persian, Turkish and Indian architecture. Mughal buildings have a uniform pattern of structure and character, including large bulbous domes, slender minarets at the corners, massive halls, large vaulted gateways and delicate ornamentation. Examples of the style can be found in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The series is all about royalty with a touch of it's own subtlety to it.